Presented at the Nagoya trade show, the videoinstallation project showcases the mobilty systems of DC. The setting of this fairstand is visualising the complex datastreaming interaction between gsm-, highway- props and satellites for this service mobility tracking systems. Visitors could follow the story through multiple viewpoints. To animate the different camera views of the same scenery nico designed a full gamelike 3d landscape and city enviroment for the floor, cube and cyling projection.

TASK: 3d design (modelling, lightning, animation) and visual concept. CLIENT: Pictorion Das Werk / Luxoom

The visual concept for Sabrina Setlurs album ‚Rot‘ works as an interactive songbooklett. As a scenery for an music video, on live stage, as well as an viral campaign. All tracktitels inside the red space-related typographic neonlight installation could be found by changing the point of view or rotating virtually the room. The viral campaign for ‚Rot‘ included the fan track-generator which was an amazing success.

TASK: Concept, 3d , Set-supervison, Shooting Director, Postproduction. CLIENT: 3P. AWARDS: 5

For the international outdoor site for Adidas, nico developed the ux as an interactive landscape fashioned from the label’s apparel. More than mere fabric, the sleek material formed the foothills of snow-covered mountains and impressive dunes.

TASK: UX 3d motion concept, 3d, Styleframes, final Texturing. CLIENT: AR - Adidas. AWARDS: 4